The Corporate Snake

Cleveringa’s 2019 ‘The Corporate Snake’ is an art installation about discarded waste, recycling and sustainability.

In addition, it is an idea about creating a human sustainable future.

Cleveringa’s point is that you are looking at waste that still works from one industry where each fluorescent light globe is worth about $7.50AU, which means that you are looking at reimagined ‘still working’ waste of about $188,000AU- simply wasted and not redistributed etc.

However, there is more here than the punchline offered as part of this ephemeral work.

Cleveringa offers a new idea, and way of thinking, to change society, sustainably, by changing companies to be mindful using a culturally transforming, postmodern, semiotic driven obligation manifested as a new legal clause internally for new company constitutions. No future company is exempt from the law.

This new obligation, which only affects 1% of all companies, causes companies to be more mindful in business and into the future by changing company culture internally around the idea of holistic community sustainability. Attitudes internally are redirected and facilitated indirectly within the company culture, almost unconsciously, and the community pressures externally also exert cultural change forces. The new clause (obligation) improves capitalism by creating a ‘win win’ virtuous cycle for the community, the company and for future human innovation and resources towards a sustainable societal future.

For more information search for #dontpausetheclause or #changecompanieschangetheworld to understand how this slow burning idea is achievable. That is, to change societal culture using business as ‘a machine of cultural change’ to be more holistically sustainable for our long-term goals whilst enhancing capitalism, the earth, and innovating our lives.

2019 The Corporate Snake, Installation, 25,000 discarded fluorescent light globes in rainforest, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.